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Welcome to Smile Turkey Ltd, the pioneering force in Turkey's dynamic medical tourism industry since 2019. Formerly known as Smile Dental Turkey, we embarked on our journey with a singular goal: to deliver unparalleled dental care to patients from around the globe.

At Smile Turkey Ltd, we pride ourselves on our unwavering commitment to meeting the ever-evolving needs of our patients. Building upon our foundation in dentistry, we have expanded our services to encompass a comprehensive range of aesthetic treatments, ensuring that we cater to all aspects of our patients' well-being.

What sets us apart is our relentless pursuit of excellence. We have assembled a team of renowned specialists who are not only leaders in their respective fields but also compassionate caregivers dedicated to ensuring the utmost comfort and satisfaction of our patients. Moreover, we employ cutting-edge technology and innovative techniques to deliver outcomes that exceed expectations.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to redefine the landscape of medical tourism. At Smile Turkey Ltd, we believe that excellence, innovation, and patient well-being should always go hand in hand. Whether you're seeking dental care, cosmetic enhancements, or other aesthetic treatments, you can trust us to provide an experience that is second to none.

Join us on this transformative journey and discover the unparalleled care and expertise that have made Smile Turkey Ltd the trusted partner of countless individuals seeking high-quality healthcare solutions in Turkey. Together, let's embark on a path towards optimal health, happiness, and confidence.



Mahmut Ulvi Kayalı, MD

Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgeon.

Dr. Mahmut Ulvi Kayalı brings a wealth of expertise and experience to the field of plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery. He holds board certification from the European Board of Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery (EBOPRAS), reflecting his commitment to upholding the highest standards of patient care and surgical excellence.

Dr. Kayalı's journey in the medical field began with his education at Marmara University Faculty of Medicine in English, where he honed his skills and knowledge in preparation for his esteemed career. He furthered his training as a Plastic, Reconstructive, and Aesthetic Surgeon assistant at Şişli Etfal Training and Research Hospital, solidifying his foundation in surgical practice.

With over a decade of experience, Dr. Kayalı has served in various prestigious institutions, including Medstar Topçular Antalya Private Hospital, Medikal Park Antalya Private Hospital, and Isparta State Hospital. His dedication to patient care and surgical precision has earned him a reputation for excellence in the field.

Dr. Kayalı is an active member of several professional associations, including the Turkish Plastic, Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery Association and the Şişli Etfal Microsurgery Association, where he continues to contribute to the advancement of surgical techniques and patient outcomes.

Throughout his career, Dr. Kayalı has pursued continuous learning and professional development, obtaining qualifications such as the European Society of Plastic Surgery Board (EBOPRAS) qualification diploma and completing specialized trainings in microsurgery.

At his Private Clinic, Dr. Kayalı remains dedicated to providing personalized care and transformative results to his patients, utilizing his expertise and innovative approach to achieve optimal outcomes. With a commitment to excellence and a passion for helping others, Dr. Mahmut Ulvi Kayalı continues to make a profound impact in the field of plastic, reconstructive, and aesthetic surgery.


M. Derda Kaya, MD

Obstetrician and Aesthetic Gynaecologist

Dr. M. Derda Kaya embarked on his medical journey upon graduating from Gazi University Faculty of Medicine in 2004. He pursued specialization in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Başkent University Faculty of Medicine, honing his skills and expertise in the field. Following his specialty training, he fulfilled his mandatory service duty at Aksaray Maternity Hospital before transitioning to roles at Antalya Atatürk State Hospital and Private Olimpos Hospital, where he dedicated himself to providing exemplary care to his patients. In 2019, he established his own clinic, marking a significant milestone in his esteemed career.

Proficient in English, Dr. Mustafa Derda Kaya has contributed to the medical literature with articles published in Gynecology and Obstetrics journals. He has actively participated in numerous domestic and international congresses and training programs, including a notable stint at Konventhospital Barmherzige Brüder in Linz, Austria, as part of the 17th European Gynecology and Obstetrics assistants exchange program under ENTOG in 2007. In 2013, he earned his certification in Assisted Reproductive Treatments (IVF certificate) following specialized training.

Dr. Kaya's expertise lies in the delicate realm of vaginal rejuvenation, where his compassionate and technically proficient approach has positively impacted the lives of many patients, helping them regain confidence and improve their quality of life. His dedication to providing comprehensive care tailored to each patient's unique needs and concerns underscores his commitment to excellence.

Endorsed by reputable professional bodies and holding CPD (Continuing Professional Development) certification, Dr. Kaya demonstrates a lifelong commitment to learning and advancing the field of genital aesthetics and cosmetic gynecology. His collaboration with esteemed educators like Assoc. Prof. Dr. Gokmen Sukgen reflects his collaborative spirit and commitment to refining techniques.

Dr. Kaya's qualifications and endorsements from esteemed institutions such as IPHM, ACTB, QUALIFI, and abt school further validate his standing as a distinguished physician in the field of cosmetic gynecology. He continues to push the boundaries of the specialty, striving to enhance patient well-being through innovative and compassionate care.

In summary, Dr. Mustafa Derda Kaya's recent accolades serve as a testament to his outstanding contributions to genital aesthetic excellence and cosmetic gynecology. His dedication to advancing the field and providing exceptional care cements his position as a respected figure in the medical community, dedicated to improving the lives of his patients.